Hues Offering Creative Support to Sex Ed Tank by The National Sex Ed Conference

Winners will be offered a creative package worth $5000

We’re teaming up with the National Sex Ed Conference on a new initiative they’re debuting at the conference this December: Sex Ed Tank, presented by Lorena Olvera and Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski — and we couldn’t be more excited about this.

Here’s how they’re describing the event:

Inspired by the reality TV show Shark Tank, Sex Ed Tank was created to offer sexuality educators a first-ever opportunity to showcase their creativity and panache and win peer acknowledgement and funding!

Now, consider the vision of hues:

We’re a collective who sees ways the Earth can be better for all of its inhabitants — a world where everyone is healthy, understood, educated, and safe — and we believe in our hearts we can effect those positive changes.

And consider the body of work that lives within the collective. We’re magnetized to gender and sexuality, and often find ourselves in those arenas working to create health, understanding, education, and safety. So of course we’re excited to help other folks — people how have innovative ideas and just need a platform — do the same. We’re grateful for the chance to help them build that platform.

We know that platform building is often expensive, overwhelming, and it’s too easy to feel like you’re facing a mountain to climb on your own. The way that we’re offering our help is in the form of two gifts: creative packages of different sizes for the winner and audience favorite. We’re happy to be your guide, your outfitter, or your hiking boots on that trip up the mountain.

For the winning idea, we’re offering a creative support package worth $5000 (as an example of what this might look like, check out The Sexualitree). This could include any of the following:

  • strategic planning,
  • visual identity & branding,
  • collateral design (postcards, business cards, stickers),
  • original illustration & animation,
  • copywriting & editing,
  • photography, videography, video direction & editing, and/or
  • website design & development

For the audience favorite, we’re offering a creative support package worth $1000. Similar things as what you see in the above list are available, but with either less depth or breadth.

In both cases, we’ll meet with the person or team behind the winning ideas, hear what their goals are for the project, then put together a pitch for how we can help. In neither case are folks obligated to take our recommendations, or our help — it’s our gift, and folks can choose whether or not they want to receive it. Along these same lines, what gifts we are able to — or choose to — offer, will be up to our judgment, and we’ll be thinking “How are we uniquely able to help this idea become a thing?” Finally, as a Benefit Corporation [certification pending], we’re legally motivated, above any other influence, by our mission:

Our mission is to create art that inspires action, tools that facilitate change, and resources that bolster efforts for global justice – all embodied in the spirit of the gift.

We see this opportunity as something that perfectly aligns with our mission, and allows us to take a few steps closer to our vision. So, as we were saying, we couldn’t be more excited to be getting involved with Sex Ed Tank at the National Sex Ed Conference. We look forward to co-creating a more beautiful world with the winners.