Hues operates entirely in the gift economy, as opposed to a capitalist market economy. What this means, in short, is that we give our gifts (art, tools, and resources) as freely as possible, and allow those who receive them to choose how and if they will reciprocate, based on gratitude.

We do this for two key reasons:

  1. To prevent barriers from standing in the way of the things we make and the folks who can do some good with them.
  2. To embody one aspect of the more beautiful world we hope to some day live in, and hopefully provide a road map for others who may want to do the same.

The gift is part of our mission, it’s how we interface with the world (through our merch and everything else we make), and it’s how we operate internally as members of hues Org.

What this means for you

Everything we’ve created, and everything we create — from the small (like a poster or t-shirt) to the large (like a book, curriculum, or organization) — is our gift to you. We place no market value on our work, and as few financial barriers as possible to you accessing it.

We hope you use what we make, putting it to work to make your world a little healthier, the people in your world better understood, educating the folks around you, and creating more safety where right now there is danger.

And if you are grateful for what we’ve given, you can express that gratitude by giving to others in your world (passing the gift forward), or reciprocating back to hues in the form of your own gift to us.