We’re not going to lie: things are looking bleak.

All around the world, social uprisings are making it clear where governments and corporations are failing the people; we’re fast approaching a 2 degree increase in global temperature, which will have devastating outcomes for all of us; 10% of the human population possesses almost 90% of the wealth, while 25% don’t have access to clean drinking water. We could go on.

We’re told this is just the way the world is; that life has always been unfair; that there’s nothing we can do about it. But there’s a collection of us — a small number that’s growing daily — who’ve united to say “No.”

“No, this isn’t just the way the world is: this is how we’ve made the world.”

“No, life hasn’t always been unfair: inequity is a human invention.”

“No, there’s plenty we can do about it: starting with stepping into the truth that we — the collective many — hold the power to change the world.”

Amidst the noise of despair, we have found a signal of hope. And even if all we have is hope, we still have plenty.

We’re a collective who sees ways the Earth can be better for all its inhabitants, and believe in our hearts we can effect those positive changes. We’re artists, activists, organizers, disrupters, unifiers. We’re teachers and students, demolishers and architects, rebels and revelers. We’re anyone who, in the face of despair, opens their heart to tell a story of hope.

Hues is but a small part of this collective — you existed long without us, but we couldn’t exist without you. More than an impetus, we’re a reminder, a catalyst, and a community. We’re here for those who hope, and those who want to work toward more reasons to hope in the future.